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What To Do When Someone Dies

It is important to know what to do when someone dies as this process needs to be handled in a logical manner. Initially, when a death occurs you must inform the local authorities as soon as possible. Then, we welcome you to advise us that you will require our services.

When A Death Occurs In Hospital

If the death happens in a hospital, the staff will be able to help with the issuing of a death certificate. This certificate will then need to be taken to your local registrar’s office for the death to be registered. In most cases, the registrar will give you an order for burial or cremation which you will need to bring to us so we can begin transporting the deceased to our funeral home as soon as possible.

When A Death Occurs At Home Or In A Nursing Home

When a death occurs at home or in a nursing home, you will need to inform a doctor immediately. A doctor (or qualified nurse) will attend to certify the death. Then, you can contact us to arrange our services. Usually, the doctor will issue the death certificate within a day, after which you can register the death.

If The Death Is Sudden Or Unexplained

If a death is unexpected, you will need to call the emergency services. Once the death has been confirmed, the police will attend and act as a liaison. They will also advise you when to contact us. If a doctor cannot issue a death certificate, HM Coroner will become involved. After their examination, the Coroner will liaise with you in regards to issuing the relevant documentation and when you can register the death. You can also contact us for advice and support during this time.

Registering A Death

Unless a Coroner’s investigation delays the process, in the UK the death of a person must be registered within 5 days from when the death occurred.

For no cost, you will be given an Abbreviated Extract of Death entry, this excludes the cause of death and parentage details. At a cost of £10 (in Scotland and Wales) per copy, you can purchase a full Death Certificate. This is what must be used for any legal or financial purposes such as banks, private pensions, property post office accounts etc. You can return and purchase more at a later date if necessary.

The Documents You Will Need To Bring:

The Registrar Will Require:

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