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Making A Funeral More Personal

Planning a funeral can be quite a difficult process. Going through the grief of losing a loved one whilst also organising the logistics of it all can be quite the task. If you want to make the service a fitting tribute, then it might be a good idea to incorporate some of these ideas.

Dress Code

Whilst traditionally the dress code for a funeral is black to symbolise mourning, it is now quite popular to have a dress code. Some people opt for bright colours to bring a bit of cheer to the celebration of life. You could choose something like your loved one’s favourite colour as an accent colour for people to attend in.

woman with cremation urn at funeral in church

Transport Alternatives

There are traditional cars that are a part of transport use in a funeral, both for the coffin and for close family and friends. Perhaps if they have a known passion, you could incorporate a loved one’s hobbies or passion into the pre or post service journey. For example, if they had a love for motorcycles, it can make a lovely impact to have lots of bikes involved on the day. Perhaps campervans or horse-drawn hearses are more appropriate for your loved one’s tastes.

Funeral Music

Music is often involved in a funeral service. What’s good about choosing a selection of songs is that you can make a service represent a loved one. You can choose songs that were their favourite, or songs that remind you of them. Usually around 3-5 are played in a service. The last song will usually be the defining song of the ceremony, so be sure to save the best one until last.

funeral music

Order Of Service Design

The order of service is a printed guide to the funeral. It includes details about the person and a list of what will happen at the funeral. If you want to make the service more personal, why not add lots of photographs to this booklet. Choose favourite colours, themes and meaningful quotes to fill up the space. Adding a personal touch is a great way to honour a person, and it’s also a beautiful keepsake for friends and family.

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